Our Mission
To contribute to Guyana’s economic development by promoting and facilitating local and foreign private-sector investment and exports in accordance with the country’s approved investment and export strategies.


Guyana’s Sectors


Guyana’s vast tracts of productive land present enormous opportunities for growth. Indeed, agriculture already represents….

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Guyana provides a number of opportunities for investors within the energy sector, particularly with regards to petroleum, gas and…

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Guyana has vast forest resources that cover more than three-quarters of its landmass and…

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Information & Communication Technology

Guyana has experienced the emergence of a small, but growing IT-enabled Services industry…

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Guyana’s manufacturing industry contributes about 4 percent towards the country’s…

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Situated on the mineral rich Guyana Shield, Guyana has attracted international interest from…

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The services sector is growing steadily and has been making an increasing contribution to our overall…

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Guyana’s unspoiled beauty, unique cultural heritage and natural attractions make it an ideal destination…

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Success Stories

  • Global Seafood Distributors is currently shipping to the various locations in the Caribbean. In Guyana, Global Seafood is the sole supplier of seafood to Guyana Goldfields a company that believes in Corporate Social Responsibility an…Read More–Allison Butters-Grant, Global Seafood Distributor

  • INAVA represents a company that has filled a void in the Guyanese marketplace as it relates to value added products, specifically the beverage industry. The company’s name represents the passion of the principals to build a world class …Read More–INAVA

  • One private investor has taken heed of this need and has embarked on investing over US$10M on the construction of a deep water harbour in an area north of the Berbice River Bridge at Palymra Village, Berbice. The announcement was made by CGX Energy Inc. Co-Chairman, Professor Suresh Narine….Read More–CGX

  • UMAMI Inc was the dream of the husband and wife team of Chris and Chanchal Persaud. They represent the next generation of Guyanese entrepreneurs who intend to carve a niche for their business and authentic “Made in Guyana” branded and packaged products as a new national brand of Guyana – winning the hearts…Read More–UMAMI

  • Pritipaul Singh Investment, Inc. (PSI INC) came into existence on 1 September 1999 by renting the aging facilities of Guyana Fisheries Ltd (Mc Doom location) and establishing Mid Atlantic Seafoods. This complex which sits on 0.04 sq. km (9 acres) of land on the eastern bank of the Demerara River…Read More–Pritipaul SIngh Investment, INC