Our Mission:

To contribute to Guyana’s economic development by promoting and facilitating local and foreign private-sector investment and exports in accordance with the country’s approved investment and export strategies.

The Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest) was established under the Public Corporations Act (1994) in 1994 as a semi-autonomous body and comes under the direct purview of the Office of the President. The CEO answers to a Board of Directors which is composed on representatives of both the private and public sectors.

GO-Invest is divided into two divisions, one responsible for Investment Facilitation and Promotion and the other for Export Promotion. With these divisions, GO-Invest offers a full complement of services to local and foreign investors and exporters:

Investment Promotion & Facilitation Export Promotion
  • Serve as a primary contact for investors and liaising with government agencies throughout the investment process.
  • Provide investors with a comprehensive summary of steps necessary to commence business operations in Guyana and assisting throughout the process. (see Investor’s Roadmap)
  • Provide information on incentives available to investors and regulations relevant to the sectors of interest. (see Investment Guide and Investor’s Roadmap)
  • Develop profiles on investment opportunities in Guyana.
  • Assist with obtaining factory space or land for investment purposes.
  • Assist with coordination of joint venture efforts between local and overseas interests.
  • Advise Government on the formulation of national investment policies and the implementation of such policies.
  • Provide current and potential exporters with trade information for the successful exploitation of overseas markets.
  • Assist exporters in promoting their products through participation in national and international exhibitions and trade missions.
  • Work closely with exporting organisations to ensure that problems affecting exporters are expeditiously addressed.
  • Recommend to Government practical measures to stimulate export trade.
  • Advise the Government on the formulation of national export policies and the implementation of such policies.
  • [Downloadable doc: Functions of the Export Promotion Division]