Online Fillable Forms

The following is an index of fillable forms frequently used in or in partnership with the Guyana Office for Investment .



GO-Invest Forms 

NB: It is recommended that forms be downloaded and opened with Adobe Reader to allow information to be submitted electronically (where option is available). The form can also be filled, printed and submitted to the GO-Invest Office – 190 Camp & Church Streets, Georgetown, Guyana.

  1. Expression of Interest Form   pdf19
  2. Investment Agreement Progress Reportpdf19


National Insurance Scheme Forms

  1. Application to act as a representative for an overseas resident   pdf19
  2. Application to act as representative for a Pensioner   
  3. CS2A – Contribution Schedule form for Monthly Paid Employees   
  4. CS6A – Contribution Schedule form for Weekly Paid Employees   
  5. P3A – Appointment of Person or Institution to Receive Pension   
  6. P3B – NIS Voucher deposited into Bank   
  7. P3C – Application for Pension to be Paid into the Bank   
  8. R1 – Application for Registration as Employer   
  9. R23 – Application for Change of Name on Record   
  10. IB1 – Notice of  Accident  
  11. Life Certificate – Overseas Pensioner   


Guyana Revenue Authority Forms

  1. Customs Application for Refund of Duty   
  2. Customs Application for Registration   
  3. Application for Individual TIN  
  4. Application for Company TIN  


Central Planning and Housing Authority 

  1. Letter of Interest    
  2. Revised fees for the processing of building, land use and land sub-division application   


Other Forms

  1. Business Registration Form