1. Q: What is GOINVEST?

A: GOINVEST stands for the Guyana Office for Investment.

  1. Q: Is GOINVEST a Government Agency?

A: The Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest) was established under the Public Corporations Act (1994) in 1994 as a semi-autonomous body and comes under the direct purview of the Office of the President. The CEO answers to a Board of Directors which is composed of representatives of both the private and public sectors.

  1. Q: Is GOINVEST a financial institution?

A: No. The Guyana Office for Investment lends technical assistance to persons wishing to establish businesses.

  1. Q: What are the services offered by GOINVEST?

A: Guyana Office for Investment is divided into two departments: Investment Facilitation and Promotion and Export Promotion. These two departments offer a range of services to local and foreign investors and exporters.

Investment Promotion & Facilitation Export Promotion
  • Serve as a primary contact for investors and liaising with government agencies throughout the investment process.
  • Provide investors with a comprehensive summary of steps necessary to commence business operations in Guyana and assisting throughout the process. (see Investor’s Roadmap)
  • Provide information on incentives available to investors and regulations relevant to the sectors of interest. (see Investment Guide and Investor’s Roadmap)
  • Develop profiles on investment opportunities in Guyana.
  • Assist with obtaining factory space or land for investment purposes.
  • Assist with coordination of joint venture efforts between local and overseas interests.
  • Advise Government on the formulation of national investment policies and the implementation of such policies.
  • Provide current and potential exporters with trade information for the successful exploitation of overseas markets.
  • Assist exporters in promoting their products through participation in national and international exhibitions and trade missions.
  • Work closely with exporting organisations to ensure that problems affecting exporters are expeditiously addressed.
  • Recommend to Government practical measures to stimulate export trade.
  • Advise the Government on the formulation of national export policies and the implementation of such policies.
  1. Q: Does GOINVEST assist local businesses?

A: The Guyana Office for Investment assists both local and foreign investors guaranteeing equality between domestic and foreign investors.

  1. Q: Where is GOINVEST located?

A: The Guyana Office for Investment is located at 190 Camp and Church Street Georgetown.

  1. Q: Does GOINVEST have other branches around Guyana?

A: No. But we work closely with the chamber of commerce in the different regions.

  1. Q: What type of projects does GOINVEST support?

A:  The Guyana Office for Investment supports small, medium and large projects in the Agriculture, Energy, Forestry, Information and communication Technology, Light Manufacturing, Mining, Services and Tourism sector.

  1. Q: What are the documents needed when applying for concessions?

A: Documents needed when applying for concessions are:

  • Business Plan/proposal
  • Business registration/company incorporation
  • Tax- payers Identification number certification
  • NIS certification
  • NIS and GRA compliance(existing businesses)
  • List of items for concession

In addition to any other document prescribed by other regulatory agencies. For eg, GFC permit in case of logging operations; import licence for chemicals, pharmaceuticals etc

  1. Q: Is there a limit to the number of tax exempted items an investor is entitled to at any one time in relation to investment?

A:  As long as the business meets the requirements for the sector they will be granted tax exemptions for the relevant items.

  1. Q: Are tax breaks available to Non- Governmental and Charitable organizations?

A: Tax breaks are available for these organisations if the investor can produce the necessary documentation to indicate the source of funds for the organisation. Once these organisations are approved by the Ministry of Finance, tax exemptions are provided for under separate sections of the Laws, not necessarily as investors.

  1. Q: What are the benefits available to an investor coming through GOINVEST, as opposed to an investor visiting all ministries and registration procedures?

A:  Guyana Office for Investment is capable of assisting an investor with a clear outline of activities needed to be completed for the establishing of a business within Guyana; from the registration of a business name, to the acquisition of land, to recommendation for duty free concession. This reduces the expended effort needed from the investor. Goinvest have agreements with organisations such as GRA and Guyana Lands and Surveys, which would see the timely processing of documents coming from Goinvest.

Did you know?

  1. Guyana is the only English speaking country in South America.
  2. In size, Guyana is larger than New York state but smaller than Idaho.
  3. Guyana has 378 species of birds.
  4. Guyana gained Independence on 26th May, 1966
  5. The highest point in Guyana is Mount Roraima (2835 metres)
  6. The longest river in Guyana is the Essequibo River, which is 627 miles long. That is ¼ the size of the Mississippi River.
  7. Guyana’s National bird is the Hoatzin, locally known as the Canje Pheasant.
  8. Slavery was abolished in Guyana in 1834
  9. The capital of Guyana is Georgetown
  10. Guyana hosted the very first Carifesta (1972)