The GO-Invest Investment Facilitation Process

Step 1

GO-Invest Receives an Email/ Query from you the Investor and responds accordingly. Its also important to note,  that GO-Invest has an open door policy whereby any perspective investor is encouraged to walk in with or without an appointment and meet with an available officer.

Step 2

An Officer is assigned and an initial meeting is arranged with the Investor in order to review the Project Proposal

Step 3

Documents are collected from the Investor and an Investment Agreement (IA) is prepared by GO-Invest Officer & sent to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA)

Step 4

GRA reviews the IA and makes recommendations to the Minister of Finance. ** Note: GRA may request a meeting with the Investor and GO-Invest for clarification if necessary.

Step 5

IA is sent to the Minister of Finance (MOF) for Approval. **IA may be rejected by MOF

Step 6

Approved IA is sent back to GRA and copies are sent to GO-Invest

Information required from the Investor

  • Business Proposal
  • Cover Letter making reference to application for exemptions
  • Business Registration or Articles of Incorporation
  • GRA Compliance
  • TIN

*Depending on the type of investment specific information may be requested by GO-Invest

What to include in your business plan

A business plan is a written description of your business. This document can be done by the investor himself. There are a num-ber of key information GO-Invest look for in every business plan. These are as follows:

General introduction of the Investor and business sector the investor is interested in.

Description of your business and its related activity (ies) including future expansion.

Reason (s) for entering into business in the respective region: this should include anticipated demand and supply for your goods and or services, marketing strategies and target markets.

  • What infrastructure will you provide (water, waste disposal, etc)
  • Land requirements and plan showing the full development scenario with all site plan, etc.
  • Any other graphical or photographic details will be accepted.
  • Investment and schedule of investment – this will include the value of the investment and employment creation.
  • Environmental effects (if applicable)
  • Financial Information (source of financing) and Financial Projections for the Business.
  • List of Items which require waivers of duty and taxes
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