Radio broadcast stations

12027583_918627104882181_1015786125765953207_n• AM 3, FM 6, shortwave 1 (1998)
• FM 88.5 – Rock FM (New Amsterdam, Berbice)
• FM 89.1 – NTN Radio (Georgetown, Demerara) 
• FM 89.3 – Radio Guyana Inc. (Essequibo re-transmission frequency)
• FM 89.7 – Radio Guyana Inc. (Berbice re-transmission frequency)

s86449q• FM 93.1 – Radio Guyana Inc. (Georgetown, Demerara)
• FM 94.1 – Boom FM (Georgetown, Demerara)
• FM 98.1 – Hot FM (Georgetown, Demerara)
• FM 100.1 – Fresh FM (Georgetown, Demerara)

Television broadcast stations
Television broadcast was officially introduced to Guyana in 1991.
•15 (1 public station (channel 11); 14 private stations which relay US satellite services) (1997) Of which are; L.R.T.V.S-Little Rock Television Station channel 10 (New Amsterdam, Berbice) H.G.P-Halagala General Productions television (Beterverwagting Village, Demerara) RCA Television charity,Esssequibo Coast Satellite television
•Satellite television services are offered by DirecTV Caribbean and E-Networks.

Guyana’s culture is very similar to that of the English-speaking Caribbean, and has historically been tied to the English-speaking Caribbean as part of the British Empire when it became a possession in the nineteenth century. Guyana is a founding member of the Caricom (Caribbean Community) economic bloc and also the home of the Bloc’s Headquarters, the CARICOM Secretariat.
Guyana’s geographical location, its sparsely populated rain-forest regions, and its substantial Amerindian population differentiate it from English-speaking Caribbean countries. Its blend of Indo-Guyanese (East Indian) and Afro-Guyanese (African) cultures gives it similarities to Trinidad and distinguishes it from other parts of the Americas. Guyana shares similar interests with the islands in the West Indies, such as food, festive events, music, sports, etc.
Guyana plays international cricket as a part of the West Indies cricket team, and the Guyana team plays first-class cricket against other nations of the Caribbean. In March and April 2007 Guyana co-hosted theCricket World Cup 2007. In addition to its CARICOM membership, Guyana is a member of CONCACAF, the international football federation for North and Central America and the Caribbean. Events include Mashramani (Mash), Phagwah (Holi), and Deepavali (Diwali).

The Culture of the South American nation, Guyana, is very similar to that of the English speaking Caribbean, so much so that Guyana is considered a Caribbean Nation. Guyana shares similar interests with the islands of the West Indies, such as food, festive events, music, sports, etc. Guyanese culture reflects the influence of African, Indian, French,Amerindian, Chinese, British, Dutch, Portuguese, Caribbean, and American culture.

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