Meet our Management Team


Owen_Verwey_TPMr. Owen Verwey
Chief Executive Officer







Ms. Natalia Seepersaud
Deputy Chief Executive Officer/Corporate Secretary







Roxanne Sumner


Ms. Roxanne Sumner
Senior Investment Officer
Education: BSc. Business Management, Diploma in Agriculture
Work Experience at Go-Invest: 9 years
Major Areas of Responsibility: Responsible for providing business advisory and support services for projects within the agency’s portfolio. Oversee and participate in the processing of applications.
The job also entails the dissemination of information on investment opportunities and procedures, the promotion of domestic and foreign investment opportunities by targeting local and foreign investors in all of our investment sectors and the provision of pre and post discussion and after care services to both local and foreign investors.

Uchenna GibsonMs. Uchenna Gibson
Senior Export Promotion Officer
Work Experience at Go-Invest : 16 years
Education: Diploma in Project Management, Certified in Commercial Diplomacy
Major Areas of Responsibility : Responsible for matching overseas importers and local suppliers/exporters; assists local suppliers/exporters to promote their products through participation in national and international exhibitions and trade missions. Works to facilitate investment in the Services sector (ICT, and other services).



Alexis MonizeMs. Alexis Monize
Head – Research Department
Education: Master of Science in Global Studies (University of the West Indies, St. Augustine), Bachelor of Science in International Relations (Credit) & Diploma in Public Communication (University of Guyana). Attended President’s College & Cove & John Primary School.
Work Experience at Go-Invest : 6 years
Major Areas of Responsibility : Responsible for monitoring the implementation of our public relations strategy. Manages the Research Department, maintains a database of Investment Projects, and provides support for the coordinating and executing of Investment Promotion and Export Promotion Activities. Provides periodic reports as required and offers support to the Investment Facilitation Department.


Kibbyann Chester-HardingMs. Kibbyann Chester-Harding
Investment Promotion Officer
Education: Bachelor of Arts degree in Tourism (University of Guyana), Certificates in Customer Service, Events Planning and Export Marketing, Advanced Diploma in Project Management
Work Experience at Go-Invest: 7 years
Major Areas of Responsibility: Facilities projects in the sectors of Tourism, Light Manufacturing, Agriculture and Services; also works in Export promotion department in matchmaking and promoting Guyana’s products at local and regional trade shows.



Jacqueline StuartMs. Jacqueline Stuart

Administrative Officer / Accountant

Work Experience at Go-Invest          : 20 years / 12 years

Major Areas of Responsibility      : Responsible for all Accounting and Human Resources components of the agency. Addresses the processing of payments and approving all financial transactions; prepares the annual financial statement for auditing purposes and the annual budget.



Ms. Leanna Damond
Investment Officer
Education: Institute of Commercial Management Diploma in Project Management (Distinction), Diploma in Microcomputer Studies , Bachelors of Science Degree, Economics (University of Guyana)
Work Experience: 20 years (6 years at GO-Invest)
Major Areas of Responsibility: Responsible for providing business advisory and other support services to for projects within the Agency’s portfolio; maintains portfolios that covers several sectors; provide analytical support to GO-Invest’ Investment Promotion and facilitation; analyze project proposals with the aim of identifying project needs; prepares Investment Agreements where necessary for fiscal concessions; make recommendations for the implementation of projects in accordance with its proposal; obtain and share relevant research information which may be beneficial to GO-Invest as well as other agencies; liaise with the relevant agencies to expedite the investment facilitation process; analyze business plans and make recommendations for state land