Investor Projects


So many possibilities for Investors in Guyana.
1. Large-scale cultivation of avocadoes, passion fruit, citrus, cashew nuts and quinoa.
2. Aquaculture: Freshwater farming of tilapia, hassar and tiger prawns.
3. Mega dairy farms capable of not only producing fresh milk, but also butter, cheese and yoghurt

GLOBAL MARKETS & BRANDING: In all instances, these products can be certified as being organic, and thus qualify under the various standards of FLO International (FAIRTRADE), and thus being guaranteed shelf space at such supermarket giants as Whole Foods, Pathmark, Harris Teeter in the USA, under the ‘ethical consumerism and sustainably harvested’ models, as well as being Halal and Kosher. These products will also be able to enter the CARICOM Region, the US and CANADA under existing free-trade agreements.

The 8 Sectors for Investments’ Opportunities are:
1. Agriculture & Agro-Processing- Includes seafood & aquaculture, processing (fruit juice concentrates and pulp, vegetable flour), fresh fruits & Vegetables, Livestock (poultry, beef, mutton, pork & goat meat, INPUTS (seeds, fertilizers), Machinery & Equipment, Sugar Cane & Rice, spices etc.
2. Light Manufacturing- Textiles & Garments, Pharmaceuticals, Building & Construction, Packaging etc.
3. Services- Financial, Medical, Environmental, Transportation, Retail/ Commercial, Housing, Fashion, Music & other Entertainment, Machining etc.
4. Energy- Includes Petroleum & Gas Exploration, Solar Power, Hydro Power, Bio-fuels, Bio-diesel, Wind Power, Cogeneration from Rice Husk/ Bagasse & Biomass Power.
5. Tourism- Resorts/ Hotel, Restaurants, Recreation (Cruise ships, yachting, bird watching, fishing), Tour Operators etc.
6. Forestry/ Wood Products- Downstream Wood Processing (flooring, decking, moulding, doors, shingles dimensional lumber, furniture, plywood & veneers
7. Information & Communication Technology- Includes Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Call Centers (inbound/outbound), Software Development, Medical & Legal Transcription.
8. Mining- Mining Laboratories, Sale of Machinery etc. GO-Invest facilitates only some types of Mining Projects. All other Mining Operations are facilitated by GGMC