Requirements for application for Government/State land

a) to be submitted to the Guyana Office for Investment

  • A covering letter stating the specific request (s) required from the Government of Guyana
  • A Brief Description of the Project
  • A List of Products
  • Target Markets for Products
  • Location of the Project or, if necessary, location preferences for the business/project
  • Names and occupations of persons involved in the project (owner, shareholders, partners) and their contact details
  • Number of persons to be employed (skilled, semi-skilled and management)
  • Anticipated date of commencement of the Project
  • The level of financial investment
  • The Source (s) of financing for the Project (equity, loans, etc.)
  • Also, one must provide a list of equipment and machinery for which duty free concessions are being sought. The list must outline the general descriptions of the machinery, the quantity to be imported and the value of each item

(b) The Guyana Office for Investment will meet with the Guyana Lands & Survey Commission to discuss possible locations (depending on the products)

(c) The Guyana Office for Investment will invite the potential investor to Guyana to view the possible locations.

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