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Recently, Guyana has experienced the emergence of a small, but growing IT-enabled Services industry with both domestic and foreign investment in call centres and back-office processing operations. Some of the investors have included Guyana as part of a network of business process outsourcing (BPO) centres located in Latin America. Presently there are ten (10) Business Process Outsourcing (call centres) companies in Guyana doing Outbound Sales / Telemarketing, Inbound Customer Support, Voicemail Transcription,  Medical Records Transcription and Data Warehousing. This sector currently employs approximately three thousand, five hundred  (3,500) persons, mostly young women.

Although not widely known as a location for BPO, Guyana possesses a number of advantages that make it an ideal location for IT-Enabled services:

  • English-Speaking Workforce – there are few language barriers for providing voice or data services;
  • Accent – Guyanese workers have an accent more compatible with the USA market than those in the other Caribbean;
  • Skilled and Trainable People – literate and trainable workforce;
  • Time Zone – same time zone as the East Coast of the USA and Canada;
  • Competitive Wages –  Wages in the Call Centre industry is very competitive compared to the other Caribbean countries;
  • Communication Cost – Guyana is able to provide call centres with a reasonable ICT cost which will reduce more when the Government of Guyana brings their Cable through Brazil

The Government of Guyana is eager to attract further investment in this area. Not only is the Government providing attractive incentives for investors, it is also taking steps to improve the regulatory framework for sectors utilizing ICT for services targeting domestic and international markets through the development of policy strategies for ICT and E-Commerce.