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Global Seafood Distributor 

Picture1Allison Butters-Grant was born in Guyana the only English speaking country in South America to Leslie & Alma Butters, the son of a rice farmer from the Essequibo Coast and the daughter of a fisherman from the Capital, Georgetown who became the pioneers in Guyana from the early 70s in the fishing & shrimping industry, farming, and mining industries in Guyana.
Coming from a strong entrepreneurial background with a degree in Business Administration and the experiences in Corporate America in a variety of industries including Investment Banking and the exposure of living in the United States of America over 29 years, the determination to continue the legacy just loomed as to timing – today Allison Butters-Grant is the only black woman who owns and operates a fish processing plant in her home country of Guyana continuing the legacy and walking in the footprints laid for her by her parents.
Global Seafood Distributors is located in the West Ruimveldt Industrial Estate in Georgetown, employing 20 young women and men including a mentally challenged lad. Global Seafood have joint forces with the SKYE program operated by USAID for at risk youths and have hired two young men from the program and intends to hire additional persons as vacancies arise.
Allison Butters-Grant feels compelled to help the young people she employs as growing up in a privileged home the least she can do is to ensure that the persons she employs can gain an opportunity of operating at their fullest potential and encourages after work programs to learn additional skills that will allow them to be participants in the anticipated expansion of Global Seafood in the Village of Victoria which will be solar generated with state of the art industry equipment. Community involvement is important to Butters-Grant or BG as she is fondly called, is humbled given this opportunity in creating a village economy within this historic village.
Allison with the North American exposure sees a bright future in Guyana as there is so much underutilized natural resources that can make the small man the real man and believes with collaborative efforts of mentorship and education this can be a successful task of eradicating most of the socio-economic disease that has struck a rich country like Guyana.
Global Seafood Distributors is currently shipping to the various locations in the Caribbean. In Guyana, Global Seafood is the sole supplier of seafood to Guyana Goldfields a company that believes in Corporate Social Responsibility an important attribute to embrace in this developing country.
In addition Ms. Butters-Grant is the Vice Chairperson on the Guyana National Standards Council and the Secretary of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and the Co-founder of The Guyana American Heritage Foundation, Inc. an organization that embraces the Guyanese Community in East Orange, New Jersey that has celebrated Guyana’s Independence for the past ten years.

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