Pritipaul Singh Investment, Inc. (PSI INC) came into existence on 1 September 1999 by renting the aging facilities of Guyana Fisheries Ltd (Mc Doom location) and establishing Mid Atlantic Seafoods. This complex which sits on 0.04 sq. km (9 acres) of land on the eastern bank of the Demerara River was subsequently purchased by PSI Inc. In May 2005, PSI Inc acquired its second plant by purchasing the former Georgetown Seafoods and Trading Company assets at Providence, East Bank Demerara and maintained the trading name, ‘Bee Gee’ for the products produced there.
PSI Inc. harvests, processes and exports high quality seafood products. It has established companies in Canada, USA and more recently in Suriname and Venezuela.
The company’s bankers are C. Phillip Jones and Co. Ltd. of the UK (Secondary Bankers) the major financier and the local National Bank of Industry and Commerce.

CEOPritipaul Singh is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of PSI Inc. Mr. Singh started as a small exporter of seafoods in 1991 and, afterwards purchased a sawmill and still later a gas station. He focused on seafoods and became a producer with the purchase of one steel hull trawler in 1996 and ten more in 1997. He is an untiring worker and a shrewd businessman with vision and courage to make tough business decisions. He strives at all times to be the best and has been very successful in motivating his employees. He has been a good judge of character and has recruited very competent personnel.
Mr. Singh is being understudied by his sons to take over leadership of the company for, the current Managing Director, Mr. Singh Jr. (Sachin) is his son and Sanjave Pritipaul Singh, another son is the Assistant Managing Director.
The Senior Management Team of Pritipaul Singh Investments, Inc. which include Operations Managers for both plants, Mechanical Maintenance Managers, Personnel/Industrial Relations Manager has more than 100 years of experience. The Quality Control Manager is a trained marine biologist and former Chief Fisheries Officer.
PSI Inc. has a workforce of 2000 individuals and has built a reputation for treating its workers with respect and dignity. The workers enjoy a high standard of living.

Using its own technical staff and both foreign and local funds, an ongoing programme of renovation and expansion that so far has expended US$ 32millions was initiated by PSI Inc. at the Mc Doom location. These works have transformed the Mc Doom facilities to one of the largest and most modern and diversified fish and shrimp processing complexes in Guyana.
PSI Inc.’s has steel hull trawlers, wooden coastal fishing vessels, extensive wharf facilities, dry docks, several ice machines, maintenance cthrawlersenters and generators and a huge
modernize plant at Mc Doom. A Smoke Fish Plant housing two mauting smoking chambers was commissioned in 2011 in the compound of the Mc Doom Plant. Cargo vessels MV Alejandra (C) and Mid Atiantic and five smaller supply vessels were acquired by Pritipaul Singh Investments, Inc. to supply fuel to its fleet.

The company through its Mc Doom operations has breathed new life into the entire fishing industry with economic benefits reaching down to the small operators. For example, it buys fish throughout the coast in Demerara, Berbice and Essequibo thus affording new markets for small operations who in turn have reacted by expanding their fleets. Some 500 families depend on the company for their livelihood.

Its vessels supply raw material of shrimp (Xiphopenaeus kroyeri (Seabob)) and bycatch; and fish such as red snapper, and other species of fish, mainly Sciaenidae (weak fishes), Lutjanidae (snappers) and Ariidae (cat fishes) to the processing plant. At Providence, 31 shrimp trawlers supply that plant with prawns (Penaeus sp.) and squid (Loligo sp.).



The Mc Doom plant a large completely enclosed building of metal frame and concrete walls is internally separated to accommodate fish processing and shrimp processing which prawnsheadon2uses ultra-modern laitram shrimp processing equipment, blast freezers (36 tons every 12-16 hours), plate freezers (3.6 tons every 2 hours) and holding room space of 650 tons. The plant has the ability to process 45 tons of shrimp and 60 tons of fish daily. The Providence processing plant is also an enclosed building of metal frame and concrete walls providing a processing area which accommodates a shrimp grading line, an ice machine, three blast freezing rooms (35 tons 12-16 hours), holding room space of 362 tons. The plant could process 24 tons of shrimp (prawns) per 10-hour working day.


A HACCP programme is in place and sanitation and hygiene practices are rigidly followed. Both Mc Doom and Providence Plants are guided by our local VPHU and international shrimpprocessing
USDC and EU Requirements. The Mc Doom shrimp plant recently obtained BRC Certification in September, 2015.Workers are being continually trained and are very skillful.

Frozen products coming out of PSI Inc. Mc Doom (Mid Atlantic Seafoods) include peeled frozen seabob and various species of fish in different presentations as requested by customers while at Providence location (Bee Gee), the products are headless and head-on prawns, peeled frozen prawns and squid. All products are exported mainly to the USA, EU, Canada and the Caribbean. Products are shipped in refrigerated containers. Fresh products when requested are air-shipped. PSI Inc. supplies a feed mill with fish waste and maintains very high interest in the state of the resources.

At both locations PSI Inc. has integrated self-sufficient operations starting with having its own wells to supply clean artesian water, power generating sets, dry dock and machine shops and flake and crushed ice machines with capacity to service PSI Inc.’s fleet and plant operations.

Pritipaul Singh Investment, Inc. is an active participant in the Guyana Association of Trawler Owners and Seafood Producers which together with the Ministry is pursuing Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certification which is a standard for sustainable fishing for the seabob. Pritipaul Singh Investments, Inc. is also engaged in trials for the exploitation of tuna and deep sea prawns.

Mc Doom Village, East Bank Demerara,
Guyana, South America.
telephone166 (2) (592) 233-0514, 233-0584
paper6 (592) 233-0665, 233-0515

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