UMAMI Inc was the dream of the husband and wife team of Chris and Chanchal Persaud. They represent the next generation of Guyanese entrepreneurs who intend to carve a niche for their business and authentic “Made in Guyana” branded and packaged products as a new national brand of Guyana – winning the hearts and souls of their Guyanese consumers and setting the platform to export their products worldwide.
This young couple were products of the Guyana education system who have grasped an employment opportunity in St. Lucia with a leading regional food products manufacturer to
maximize their exposure and experience in the agro processing industry before taking the serious decision to realise their dream and become serious investors in their homeland Guyana.
During their many years of tenure with this company they received their early training in St Lucia and were subsequently sent to Grenada where they established and managed a new
factory overseeing all aspects of the business operations. In the process they gained invaluable leadership and production management skills and were exposed to participation in
specialized training and a presence at a number of regional and international trade shows allowing them to get a greater understanding of branding, packaging, marketing, distribution
and manufacturing for export.
During their time in the Caribbean islands, the young couple travelled to Guyana on a number of occasions and monitored the economic progress and growth of the country. They also
saw the opportunity for establishing a business of their own recognizing that despite an abundance of fresh agricultural produce there was a serious lack of locally manufactured and
packaged agro- processed products on the supermarket shelves and in retail outlets across the country. 

After several years of research and planning, the couple made the bold decision to return to Guyana, armed with their combined knowledge, experience and financial resources to explore opportunities in a different sphere – as investors.

They prepared their detailed business proposal under the remigrant Guyanese programme and after many meetings since with the Minister and officials of the Ministry of Commerce, Guyana Office for Investment and the local bankers their proposal to establish business a full fledged agro-processing manufacturing business was received with positive reviews by all parties. This resulted in them being offered attractive concessions and support by the Government of Guyana and GOINVEST to facilitate their establishment and growth.

Hence the birth of the Umami Inc and the subsequent availability of the range of UMAMI branded products The name UMAMI was carefully and deliberately selected as the name of the company and brand for its products. It is a word of Japanese origin which means “ Pleasant Tasting”.


Owners: Chris and Chanchal Persaud

The Persauds chose to establish their manufacturing business at Lusignan on the East Coast of Demarara. This was strategic for many reasons. It was located in the heart of an agricultural belt, farmers from the volume producing agricultural regions of East Coast Demerara and Berbice had easy access to their operations for delivery, the area of Lusignan and the East Coast of Demerara offered a wide pool of available human resource and it was not too distant to access the capital city and major suppliers and distributors

The company employs a team of persons and has launched its UMAMI product line of pepper sauce, white vinegar, yellow mustard, BBQ sauce, tomato ketchup, all-purpose seasoning, green seasoning and Chinese sauce, among other condiments. The products are packaged in various sizes catering for both the domestic and commercial food service businesses to include restaurants and hotels. The company also sees itself as a catalyst for stimulating the growth of agricultural produce being its principal raw material in the manufacturing process.

Currently local farmers are contracted to supply the company with fresh produce and with the projected growth of the company their purchases will continue to increase. The Umami branded products have received wide acclaim for its superior packaging and unique label designs. Through a range of diverse promotions including sampling and tastings at local supermarkets and other retail outlets they have won the support of the local Guyanese community who have now made Umami products a preferred choice and staple in their kitchens as well as popular restaurants and hotels.

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