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The company made its major expo debut at GuyExpo (Guyana Expo) in 2013 where it received a high level of focus and in the time since then the company has made major advances, capitalizing on the opportunities to respond to market demands for its range of products with significant interest for export orders as well as requests for private label packaging.
Today, Umami’s distribution of the high-end, value-added agroprocessed commodities spans major supermarkets and retail establishments throughout the country. After almost two years in business the Persauds are pleased with the progress they have made and are excited at the prospects for growth and expansion. Managing Director Chris Persaud told Invest Guyana that the nearly two-year-old company having made a name for itself on the local market, Umami Inc. is currently xploring opportunities to carve a similar niche in the export markets with specific emphasis in the short term targeting the islands of the Caribbean and in the long term the Guyanese and Caribbean diaspora markets in North America and other worldwide locations. Simultaneously whilst looking at new markets, the Managing Director disclosed that the company is also looking to diversify its product line.

“We want to expand our line, as well as diversify the products we offer to customers. We are looking at launching five new products in the near future. As a company, we like to keep exciting our customers,” he said. Persaud explained that Umami’s new line would pay attention to an area with much potential, a product that is among Guyana’s imports – edible oils. He noted that there is work to be done in the local agroprocessing sector and confidence bolstered by market research informed the decision to look into this particular possibility. “We want to work with the agro processing sector and focus on producing a range of value added manufactured products. There are many options available in term of edible oils. We see the market potential for this and our company has the infrastructure to explore this lucrative opportunity,” he said.

Umami’s present production base at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, is currently able to cope with and satisfy the company’s manufacturing demands, however, with planned expansion of market share and the introduction of new products, plans have been advanced for the construction and development of a multi-million-dollar state of the art manufacturing facility on a 30,000-square-feet plot at Unity – a facility that will boast not only production infrastructure, but will include conference and recreational spaces.

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