In 2013 the Government implemented the New minimum wage Standard of G $35,000 (US $167) per month.  This new national minimum wage will be implemented across the board for all business sectors in Guyana, replacing the existing one that covered specific sectors

The Government has been working continuously to ensure the rights of workers are respected, labour laws are better enforced and interventions are made where employers fail to honour their obligations to workers.  Today the Country’s labour Laws provide a great measure of guarantee for workers and through procedures and institutions they are working for the maintence of a stable industrial relations environment.

Workforce Training

Guyana, with a Literacy Rate of 91.8% has a highly trainable workforce. The National Training Project for Youth Empowerment (NYPYE) which was launched in 2005 seeks to allow youths (especially school leavers and school dropouts) to develop their potential and has been providing thousands with the opportunities to acquire employable skills. New programmed such as Heavy Duty Equipment Operators Training, Garment Construction, Information Technology and Office Procedure, Catering and Auto Refrigeration and Electronic Diagnosis were introduced. More than 5,000 youths and single parents were empowered within the last 5 years.

Work Permits

To work in Guyana, foreign national must obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Permits take two to three weeks to process, are valid for up to three years and renewable.

National Insurance Scheme

Both the employer and the employee are Required to make monthly contributions to the Scheme. Every business must register with the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), listing the employees and their NIS numbers. The process takes approximately 1 ½ weeks.