Tumatumari, Region 8

The Tumatumari Hydropower Station was the first hydropower station to be constructed on the Potaro River, Region 8. The plant was constructed in 1957 by the British Goldfields Limited and operated until 1959 when the mining operations were ceased. In 1969, the Government of Guyana re-commissioned the station where the power was transmitted to serve the Guyana National Service Camps at Tumatumari and Konowaruk. The development included an embankment dam, a concrete overflow dam, and a 2-unit powerhouse with an installed capacity of 1500 kW using (2 X 750 kW Francis turbines).

THI and Hydro Quebec International signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of this Hydro station and are currently looking for a Developer to complete final works. Several MOUs were signed with various companies for the development of the Tumatumari Hydropower Project. However, all have since expired.

Summary Data
•Catchment area 3,160 km²
•Average discharge 480 m³/s
•Head 14 m
•Installed capacity 46.5 MW
•Estimated Annual generation 276 GWh
•Designed flood 3,740 m³/s
•Dam type concrete gravity
•Transmission line 100 km (Linden/Georgetown)
•Transmission voltage 13.8 kV
•New access road 75 km
•Turbines 8 Kaplan, S type units (Pelton)

Amaila, Region 8
The Amaila Hydroelectric project is being developed by Synergy Holdings Inc. The Feasibility study and the Environmental Impact Assessment have been completed. The feasibility study was completed in 2001 and then an Interim License was granted in July 2002 for two years and was subsequently renewed until July 2007. The Developer was granted a License to develop the project and is now in the process of securing financing for closure of the project. It is envisaged that this hydroelectric station will be commissioned by 2012. The Amaila hydroelectric station is conceived as a high head diversion scheme run of the river project. The potential installed capacity was initially estimated as 103MW.

Summary Data
•FSL 462.0 m
•LSL 452.5 m
•Spillway crest level 453.0 m
•Maximum flood surcharge level 464.8 m
•Active storage volume 146 mcm
•Surface are at fsl 26.7 km²


– Kuribrong Dam
•Type concrete faced rockfill dam
•Crest elevation 465.5 m
•Crest width 8.0 m
•Amaila Dam
•Type concrete faced rockfill dam
•Crest elevation 465.5 m
•Crest width 8.0 m
•Type gated
•No. of gates 3

•Design surcharge (routed PMF) 2.8 m
•Capacity at design discharge 2,420 m³/s
•Length 1,050 m
•Average diameter 2.75m
•Area 5.9 m
•Design flow 33.5 m³/s
•Velocity at design flow 5.6 m/s
•Type surface steel penstock
•Type surface
•Number of units 4
•Type Francis
•Nominal power output, each unit 25 MW
•Nominal discharge, each unit 8.38 m³/s
•Gross head (maximum) 365 m

Access Road
•Length 40.6 km
•Origin Pamela Landing
•Transmission line
•Length 296 km
•Type 230 kV, double circuit, single tower
•Termination Sophia

Kato, Region 8
Under the Unserved Areas Electrification Programme, the Hinterland Electrification component, Government of Guyana is currently seeking funding to conduct a feasibility study for the Kato site which has a potential of 3 MW.

List of Hydro-Power Studies



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